Following consultation with residents, I wrote to the City of Parramatta Council to get their support to fix traffic conditions along Rawson St.

A first project, identified by locals, has been to signalise the pedestrian crossing at the Coles car park.

The current pedestrian crossing on Rawson St in front of Epping Coles is a vital pathway for countless residents, shoppers, and visitors navigating the area daily. However, the existing crossing needs proper traffic control mechanisms, to avoid potential safety hazards for pedestrians, as well as traffic congestion along this critical route.

Implementing a Pedestrian Light Controlled Crossing at the Epping Coles pedestrian crossing site is a viable solution to address these pressing concerns. A signalised crossing, either at the current location, or merged into a signalised intersection controlling ingress and egress from the Rawson street car park, could be considered.

As we have learnt with the West Parade signalisation in Eastwood, a dedicated pedestrian signal means that pedestrians can safely cross the road while facilitating the flow of traffic which currently backs up into adjoining roads during peak hours.

This petition will be presented to the City of Parramatta Council Traffic Committee when the matter goes before them by the end of the year.

View a copy of my letter to the City of Parramatta Council, here. 

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