Will you support an Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament?

When we listen to people about the decisions that affect them, we get better results. For the past 250 years, we haven’t properly listened to the people who have been here for 65,000. It’s time we did.

Indigenous Australians have made the reasonable request to be listened to about the issues important to their communities and given a chance to propose solutions.

This is what the Voice will do.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people know what is best for their communities. The Voice will help raise local challenges around health, education, housing and jobs to decision makers.

Will you pledge your support for the Voice to Parliament?

Take a pledge to support the Voice to Parliament, together we can win this referendum which is about consultation with and recognition for, our First Nations People. 

Once you complete the form we will send you a poster and a bumper sticker in the mail.

If you weren’t able to make it to our ‘Understanding the Voice’ event, you can watch the recording below.

If you would like to get involved in the campaign, please visit