Ausgrid Community Batteries - North Epping Community Submissions.

Ausgrid will install a new community battery in North Epping, bringing the benefits of local energy storage to the community. Ausgrid will be installing the battery starting in March-April. Community batteries are an innovative solution to help use more solar energy locally, allow more solar onto the local network, support wider renewable energy adoption and prepare for increasing electricity use from electric vehicle charging.

Ausgrid are requesting comment from the community by March 15th 2024, which you can provide by completing the below form. 

What are Ausgrid doing?

In April last year, Ausgrid asked for your feedback on a proposed site for a new community battery in North Epping. Overall, the community was very supportive of the proposal. Since then, Ausgrid have received funding from the Federal Government to install the community battery in North Epping. Once we delivered the funding to Ausgrid, they then started the process of detailed planning for delivering the battery. In November, Ausgrid identified several concerns with the proposed location. They found that the original location at the intersection would require 25 metres of excavation and significant upgrades to the existing network requiring multiple outages to connect the battery. A new location along Beck Street approximately 40 metres from the original position met Ausgrid’s conditions for a community battery. Following community feedback on this location, Ausgrid found it was generally supported. Ausgrid’s community engagement report can be found at

Electric vehicle (EV) charging station

Ausgrid offered to install an EV charging station in addition to the community battery to further enable the local community’s transition to renewable energy and net zero emissions. However after receiving mixed views about an EV charger at Beck Street, Ausgrid will not be proceeding with an EV charging station at Beck Street. Ausgrid will continue to explore an alternative community offer within North Epping.

Statutory Notification

Ausgrid, as the designated network provider, can assess and determine certain activities for the purposes of electricity distribution. This responsibility comes with notification requirements. Ausgrid will formally notify adjacent residents about the project in line with their statutory obligations. All responses must be received within 21 days of notification.

Who is Ausgrid?

Ausgrid is the largest distributor of electricity on Australia’s east coast, providing power to 1.8 million customers. Ausgrid are responsible for the substations, powerlines, underground cables and power poles (the grid) that spans 22,275 square kilometres throughout Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and the Upper Hunter. Right now, Ausgrid are preparing the grid for a world where renewables play a major role in the power mix, with more and more households, businesses and communities locally generating, using, and sharing electricity

How community batteries work

Community batteries are connected to the local distribution network which services nearby residents and small businesses. The battery stores and distributes electricity from the local grid to share with the local community and wider energy system.

Benefits of community batteries

Batteries are key to supporting the energy system as we rely on more renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. Community batteries in particular can further provide benefits in the local area they are connected to, allowing more rooftop solar and more electric devices such as electric vehicle chargers to be connected.

  • A stronger grid will reduce the need to limit (curtail) solar exports and help customers maximise their solar investment.
  • Helps share more solar within the local area, including with non-solar households.
  • Creates a positive impact on wholesale electricity prices that could eventually flow through to reduced retail customer offers.
  • Helps to regulate voltage on the network and improves network quality in the local area.
  • Offers a flexible alternative to traditional poles and wires investment and helps lower network costs.
  • April 2023

    Community information session. Consultation opens.

  • May 2023

    Consultation closes. Feedback incorporated into project plan.

  • June 2023

    Project funding awarded.

  • December 2023

    New position proposed for battery. EV charger announced. Consultation on position and EV charger opens.

  • January 2024

    Consultation closes. Beck Street location confirmed for battery. Confirmed no EV charger on Beck Street.

  • February 2024 (We are here)

    Ausgrid seeking alternatives for community offer. Ausgrid provides formal notification of battery construction to local residents.

  • March-April 2024

    Construction starts on community battery.

  • Mid-2024

    Battery operational.

To have your say, fill in the form below.

    Your feedback is important, and all comments received by 15th March 2024, will be carefully considered before a final decision is made. If Ausgrid do not receive feedback, they will proceed with the proposed design and the construction phase will begin in due course.