With James Lee and Family on a visit to a small business in Eastwood

After the Prime Minister’s visit to the Quad summit in Japan, his first stop was right here in Bennelong. I made a point of taking the PM to two iconic family businesses in Eastwood. Both these businesses reminded me of my own upbringing; hard working parents, kids helping out at the shop, and a network of family, friends and locals who supported them through the highs and lows.
I will always be a strong advocate for small businesses across Bennelong.

At Putney Park with members of the Ryde Dragon Boat Club

The Ryde Dragon Boat Club had a special ‘eye dotting’ ceremony to officially launch their brand new boats which had recently arrived from China. The boats, named ‘Lulong’ and ‘Heilong’ fit 22 people, and will help the club grow and reach out to new members locally.
Congrats to George, Fiona, Peter and all the crew at the club for their enthusiasm in bringing people together. It’s great to see locals use our beautiful Parramatta River to make new friends and stay healthy all at the same time!